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  Air temperatures outside our homes can very more than 100 degrees from summer to winter.   However, a few feet below the ground surface, the earth temperature remains almost constant year round.   It is here that we can find a free and abundant source of energy for heat and cooling our homes and business. 

The Sun stored nearly 47% of its energy in the land around our homes and business.

Are you interested in saving 40 - 60% on heating and cooling your home and business?

Are you interested in protecting the environment and breaking the fossil fuel habit?

Instead of consuming energy in a 96% efficient fossil furnace, just move the energy needed at 500% efficiency with a Water Source Heat Pump! 

It evens pre-heat your Domestic Hot Water tank saving you even more money every month.  These are the most Environmentally Friendly systems available for Residential heating and cooling on the market today!

If I’ve perked your interest and you live in Washington State, drop me an email http://GroundSourceEnergyNW@Gmail.comGroundSourceEnergyNW@Gmail.com or give me a call 425-941-2476.

If you need more information or a Free Energy Estimate please contact me by email or phone today!  

Come tap the Sun's renewable energy today!