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15 Feb 2007

Residential Case Studies

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Home of the Future
4,573 sq. ft. home, 13 tons, Vertical loop, Texas
A massive, luxurious, state-of-the-art home rightly called The Home of the Future is heated and cooled by WaterFurnace . . . more

Award-Winning Home
1,650 sq. ft., 1 ton, Vertical loop, Ohio
The builder received the 1997 Ohio Governor's Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency for residential construction . . . more

Million-Dollar Home
15,000 sq. ft., 24 tons, Vertical & Horizontal loops, Pennsylvania
No expense was spared on this home, but the geothermal system provides signifcant energy cost savings . . . more

Healthier Home
2,037 sq. ft. home, 5.5 tons, Vertical loop, Oregon
The American Lung Association wanted to educate consumers on healthy building materials. They chose a WaterFurnace system . . . more

Three Award-Winning Homes
1,668 sq. ft., 1 ton, Horizontal loop, Texas, 7,800 sq. ft., 7 tons, Vertical loop, IL, 1,982 sq. ft., 3 tons, Vertical loop, Florida
Of the 23 Energy Value Housing Awards in 1998, eight had geothermal systems and three were manufactured by WaterFurnace . . . more

Award-Winning Home
2,000-sq. ft. home, 2.25 tons, Horizontal loop, Florida
The builder, homeowner and Gulf Power created a 2,000-square-foot wonder that won two awards for energy efficiency . . . more

Award-Winning Home
2,780-sq. ft. home, 4 tons, Vertical loop, Florida
Contractors won the 1996 Energy Value Housing Award and the 1995 Grand Aurora Energy Award . . . more

Affordable Housing
1,100 -1,300 sq. ft. homes, 39 total, 1-1/2 tons each, Horizontal and Vertical loops, Alabama
Green Valley Estates in Fort Payne, Alabama, proves affordable housing can have its own WaterFurnace geothermal system . . . more

Dallas Hope of the Sun
12 low-income homes, 1,273 sq. ft. each, 1.5 tons each, Vertical loop, Texas
The Esperanza del Sol model homes received the E Seal certification, the first U.S. housing development to do so. . . . more

Residential/Day Care
2,100 sq. ft.. home with day care center, 3 tons, Horizontal loop, Ohio
The WaterFurnace system provides heating, cooling and hot water for much less than the owners' former, smaller house . . . more

RGB Builders
Average 7,000 sq. ft.. custom home builder, 6 tons average, Horizontal and Vertical loops, New York
Charles Rose of RBG, Inc., is a firm believer in geothermal and gets customers so enthused they typically install a system . . . more

Stone Ledge Homes & Development
Various 2,500-4,000 sq. ft. homes, 4-6 tons each, Vertical loop, Kansas
A WaterFurnace system in each home means virtually maintenance-free living . . . more

Lake Las Vegas
Various resort buildings and luxury homes, 1-30 ton per home, Community pond loop, Nevada
This $4-billion, 2,245-acre residential and resort community with a 360-acre lake chose WaterFurnace to preserve the environment . . . more

Malabar Farm
9,300 sq. ft. historic landmark farmhouse, Vertical loop, 23 tons, Ohio
Author and conservationist Louis Bromfield built a 32-room country house in 1939, now a state park and open to visitors . . . more

Allunga Home
1,400 sq. ft., 3 tons, Vertical loop, Australia
The Allunga home showcases the latest energy-efficient technologies, including a WaterFurnace system . . . more

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