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15 Feb 2007

Discover the Smarter Geothermal Home Comfort Systems

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Envision Series
Establishing a new industry standard for efficiency, performance, reliability and quiet operatioin. The Envision is the first unit to achieve a certified GLHP rating of 30 EER and 5 COP in ARI 13256-1.
Learn more

E Series®
Efficient, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly, the E Series is the ultimate in comfort with both single and dual capacity compressors and variable speed fan motors in a R-410a packaged water to air unit.   Learn more

EZ Split®
EZ split units feature R-410A refrigerant, advanced technology and innovative components, along with exceptional performance and installation flexibility. Connect it to a remote air handler or even use it in conjunction with a fossil fuel furnace for a ?dual fuel? application.   Learn more

ES Split®
Efficient, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly, the ES Series is the ultimate in an outdoor air source condenser replacement. This outdoor rated cabinet can directly replace existing air source condensers providing comfort with both single and dual capacity compressors in a R-410a design.   Learn more

EW Series®
Our most advanced hydronic heat-pump, the EW Series is the ultimate water to water heat pump for radiant floor or fan coil hydronic systems. This R-410a system has built in microprocessor controls for accurate water temperature delivery.   Learn more

Forced-air heating, forced-air cooling, and hot water for radiant floor systems, the Synergy3 is the single machine that will do all three in a R-22 design.   Learn more

High efficiency, unsurpassed value, and legendary WaterFurnace reliability, the Premier Series provides solid comfort and performance in a R-22 single speed compressor packaged water to air design.   Learn more

Premier® Water-to-Water
Hot water for radiant floors, spas, or pools.   Learn more

The Versatec series delivers an unbeatable combination of comfort, efficiency, and reliability at an affordable price. The Versatec line is also available in commercial versions and forms the backbone of our R-22 product line.   Learn more

Now you can precisely control the comfort level of every room in your home with the Intellizone™ system. Working with you geothermal unit and electronic thermostats, Intellizone™ can eliminate temperature variations that occur throughout your home by delivering just the right amount of heating or cooling to specific zones in your home.   Learn more

Alpine Pure™ Indoor Air Quality Products
The only choice for cleaner, healthier air. Your family deserves nothing less.   Learn more

Desert Spring™ Power Humidifier
Dramatically improve your home's comfort level.   Learn more

Environmentally safe loop fluid and antifreeze.   Learn more

We have such confidence in the reliability of our units that our standard warranty covers E Series and Premier family products for 10 years.   Learn more

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